Summer Session 2014

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145We often times think of summer as a “break”, so why should your dancer take classes over the summer? Well, it is important that dancers maintain their flexibility and strength that they can so quickly lose by taking extensive breaks away from classes. Dancers aspiring to dance “en pointe” or, those who have already earned the privilege of doing so can very quickly lose the strength and flexibility to stay on pointe if they take summer off from dance classes. Summer classes can help prepare you for that “jump” to the next level. While dancers who take the summer off may have to rebuild strength and flexibility and review technique as they return in the fall, if you have taken summer classes, there is no stopping your growth as a dancer. Legacy Ballet provides a strong summer dance program with a 9 week summer session, three dance workshops and some performance opportunities each summer, so we hope you will join us, in our air conditioned studio, as we dance through summer! Visit our ”Classes” page, and visit the “Summer 2014 Classes” tab for our regular summer schedule or our “Summer Dance Workshops” tab for our Summer Dance Workshops and we hope to see you soon!

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