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Fall -Spring Tuition is per 9 Week Session

Fall 2021- Spring 2022 Tuition Sessions:

Session I 2021-2022:   September 13th, 2021- November 14th, 2021
Session II 2021-2022:  November 15th, 2020 – January 30th, 2022
Session III 2021-2022:  January 31st, 2022 – April 10th, 2022
Session IV 2021-2022:  April 11th, 2021 – June 12th, 2022
Recital 2022 Dates TBA

Holiday Closures

Thanksgiving: November 25th – November 27th

Winter Break**: December 20th – January 2nd

Spring Break**: March 21st – March 27th

Memorial Day: May 30th

Independence Day: July 4th

**these dates not included in nine week sessions. Please do not make up these missed class dates.

Fall 2021-Spring 2022 Tuition:

Creative Tots and PreClasses:

Tots: …………………$85.00 per 9 weeks or $34.00 per month

PreBallet/PreTap/PreJazz:………$85.00 per 9 weeks or $34.00 per month **note this is for PreClasses**

2 PreClasses/Week:…………….$160.00 per 9 weeks or $64.00 per month **note this for PreClasses**

3 PreClasses/Week:…………….$215.00 per 9 weeks or $86.00 per month **note this is for PreClasses**

4 PreClasses/Week……………..$252.00 per 9 weeks or $ $101.00 per month **note this is for PreClasses**

Consider our PreVersatility Package: 1 class each in PreBallet, PreJazz, PreHip Hop, PreTap and PreTumbling (5 classes/week)…$275.00 per 9 week session, must be paid upfront at beginning of session, no prorating available unless starting mid-session.

Regular Classes:

1 Class per Week:……………$105.00 per 9 weeks or $42.00 per month

2 Classes per Week:……..$190.00 per 9 weeks or $76.00 per month

3 Classes per Week:……..$260.00 per 9 weeks or $104.00 per month

4 Classes per Week………$325.00 per 9 weeks or $130.00 per month

5 Classes per Week……….$380.00 per 9 weeks or $152.00 per month

6 Classes per Week……….$425.00 per 9 weeks or $170.00 per month

7 Classes per Week……….$465.00 per 9 weeks or $186.00 per month*

8 Classes per Week……….$500.00 per 9 weeks or $200.00 per month*

9 Classes per Week……….$541.50 per 9 weeks or $214.60 per month*

10 Classes per Week……..$577.50 per 9 weeks or $231.00 per month*

*If taking over 6 classes a week, consider our UNLIMITED CLASS PACKAGE……..$450 per 9 week session, must be paid upfront at beginning of session, no prorating unless starting mid-session.

Consider our Versatility Package: 1 class each in Ballet 101, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Tap and Tumbling (6 classes/week)…$400.00 per 9 week session, must be paid upfront at beginning of session, no prorating unless starting mid-session.

Adult Classes (2 or more classes per week is discounted 5%):

Adult Class 1/week…………$105.00

Adult Classes 2/week………$180.50 (5% discount off regular price)

Adult Classes 3/week………$247.00 (5% discount off regular price)

Adult Classes 4/week………$308.75 (5% discount off regular price)

Drop In Classes……………$15.00 Non registered student, $12 Registered student

Private Lessons……………$35.00 per hour

***All private lessons MUST be scheduled and paid through the Director of Legacy Ballet ***

Multiple Family Member Discount: If more than one family member is enrolled, receive 5% off tuition for each family dancer.

Tuition and a once a year $25.00 Registration Fee must be paid at time of registration.

Registration fee is due once in the September through August Session Year, and each Renewal is due in September.

A monthly payment plan is available.  If this option is selected, a Monthly Payment Plan Agreement is required to be filled out and signed.  Click here for the Monthly Payment Plan Agreement: Legacy Ballet Monthly Payment Agreement

Payment accepted include Checks Payable to: Legacy Ballet, Cash and Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex credit-all_stacked

No Refunds. Please make up any missed classes.

Payment Policies:

A yearly registration fee of $25.00 is due each September. Each new student enrolled from then on, September through August 31st, is required to pay this registration fee. Renewal Registration fees, begin again the following September 1st (with Fall Session).

Our Tuition is based on a 9 week session. The September – June school year is divided into 4 Tuition Sessions, and Summer Session is in end of June- end of August. Tuition for each 9 week session is due one week prior to the Session beginning, or at the time of registration, and if not paid by the first date of the session, a late fee of $15.00 may be applied.  Monthly payment plans are available, if this option is requested, you will be required to read and sign our Monthly Payment Plan Agreement. Monthly payments are for tuition only, costume fees must be paid upfront. Any late payments will void the agreement, and the balance will be due in full. Method of payments include Cash, Check (payable to Legacy Ballet), and Visa, Mastercard, Discover or Amex.

Once a dancer is registered for the school year, we consider them enrolled through the end of Session IV in June unless we are notified otherwise. To drop a class, we ask that you do please notify us in writing or by email as soon as possible so that we may update our records and allow another student to enroll in the class. Summer Session is considered a separate session; however if you are continuing from the Fall-Spring Sessions you do not owe a separate registration fee for summer.

Please remember,  if you decide to drop a class, and are still in the process of your monthly payment plan, or for some reason have a balance due, you are still responsible for the balance due for the remainder of the current session and any past balance not yet paid.  You will be billed for the balance due, with any late fees and/or interest until your account is paid in full. Prorating of tuition is only allowed when starting a class mid-session, not for the purpose of dropping a class prior to the end of a session.

If payment becomes an issue, we reserve the right to ask your dancer to not participate in class until payment is received.

Questions regarding our policies can be emailed to legacyballet@q.com.