COVID-19 Precautions (Updated Sept 2021)

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Legacy Ballet cares very deeply about every single one of our students, their families and our employees. As we navigate offering classes during the wave of Covid-19 chaos, we are choosing to follow the strongly recommended guidelines put forth by the CDC and Oregon Health Authority regarding youth programs.  Our student population comes from many different academic schools, from several different cities and school districts, from various counties, and with 80% of our students under the age of 12, not yet eligible to be vaccinated, we ask you please respect our policies as we hopefully continue to move forward and keep everyone healthy.

Our classes are still considered “cohorts” and students must be registered for the class, or have arranged a trial class/makeup class/drop in class prior to attending a class. Unannounced drop in classes or makeup classes may not be accommodated.

All our students are asked to arrive ready for class, limiting personal items brought with them to a water bottle and their dance bags/dance shoes.

Parents will check their student in at the door designated for their class, Studio A, Studio B and Studio C all now have their own separate entrance/exit.  Check in requirements: A no-contact temp check/screening, name of person dropping off and picking up student, with contact info if different than contact info in our registration system. Hand sanitizer used as entering the building.  Parents and/or siblings are NOT currently allowed to enter the facility to observe classes, or walk past the office or check in desk without checking in with the office. Classes can be observed online through Zoom (codes will be emailed prior to the session starting).

Masks: ALL Students 3 years and older are required to wear a mask during class no matter what their vaccination status.   All student belongings are placed 6 ft apart in marked spots. If a medical condition or disability makes it difficult to wear a mask our accommodations is for the student to attend online through Zoom.  Per OHA guidelines, accommodations are unfortunately NOT to simply allow the person to not wear a mask in the place of business, but instead to accommodate by providing an alternative way to receive services, ie, our online Zoom classes.

Physical Distancing: Students will be kept 6 ft or more apart prior, during and after class(es) with the assistance of their instructors and the tape/markings we have added to each studio space. Currently no “hands on” corrections are being given during dance classes. Tumbling classes will be limiting drills that share equipment, sanitizing equipment in between students, and any drills requiring spots, our coaches will be wearing their required masks as well using hand sanitizer in between students.

Sanitizing high touch areas, the floors, mats and any other equipment will be done on a daily basis.  High touch areas outside the classrooms and bathrooms are also cleaned daily.

Each class is also offered online through Zoom, so virtual participation can be used if you feel uncomfortable attending yet in person.  If at ANY time your student or close household member presents symptoms of Covid, we ask you please attend classes via Zoom until it has been determined to not be Covid.

What to do if you have been exposed to Covid:

If your student or a close family member you live with has been exposed to Covid, we ask you PLEASE follow our policies regarding quarantining to help reduce any possible exposure within our studio walls.

If you have a POSITIVE case of Covid in your household (not the student), the student MUST attend classes via Zoom for 14 days from the last day of contact with the family member that tested positive, or if close contact is still occurring, 14 days after they are no longer positive.

If your student was exposed to a POSITIVE case of Covid outside of the household, they must quarantine for 14 days and attend classes through Zoom.  We ask family members/siblings also do NOT attend classes in person UNLESS exposed individual is quarantining in a separate part of the house limiting any contact with family members.

If your student was exposed to a POSSIBLE positive case of Covid INSIDE or OUTSIDE the household, please attend classes via Zoom until the possible case has either been confirmed without symptoms for 10 days and a negative test OR 14 days if the possible positive case becomes symptomatic and/or tests Positive.  If the symptomatic/positive person lives within your household, the 14 days begins as of the last day of close contact with that person, and the ill person is quarantining away from the rest of the family while ill.  If close contact is continued through the illness, the 14 days begins after their symptoms have disappeared or a new test is found negative.

IF exposed person/student has been completely vaccinated, two weeks past last dose, they are exempt from having to quarantine due to exposure.

We appreciate how understanding and supportive everyone has been through these unprecedented times, we truly appreciate it.



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