2018 Competition Tryouts:

Friday September 28th 4:00-6:00 pm at Legacy

What to wear:

Tan or pink tights with a leotard and spandex shorts (preferably black but not required) also bring hip hop clothing. Shoes will include ballet slippers, dance paws/bare feet, half soles, tennis shoes and jazz shoes.

Audition Break Down:

The first part of the audition will be a series of different styles the dancers will go through and perform in groups. We will go through ballet, jazz, contemporary, and hip-hop. We think it is good to respect all dance forms even if it is not something you are competing. Even if a style feels uncomfortable we acknowledge effort!

The second portion of the audition, every dancer is required to audition with a solo. The solo will be their own choreography to a song of their choosing, in whatever style of dance they would like. The solo gives dancers a chance to show us their best abilities that they may have not been able to show in the class auditions. This year we are adding a couple of requirements we would like to see from the dancers. The requirements should be elements the dancer is comfortable with.

Solo Requirements:

  • Clean song

  • Music does NOT need to be edited, and it can be at whatever part of the song they choose. (we can even search the song for them on youtube if they need!)

  • Minimum time: 30 seconds

  • Maximum time: 1 minute 30 seconds

  • Any type of turn sequence the shows your most challenging turns.

  • A leap of your choice

  • A part with floor work (roll or something down on the floor)

  • An extension (ex. front, side, or back arabesque)

What we are looking for in the solo:

We want to see their ability to perform. The dancer is giving their best effort and showing us dance elements they feel 100% capable of doing. This solo should be fun for them, and it gives them a chance to show us their creativity!

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