Class Descriptions / Dress Code


Class Description:


Moms N Tots:  Ages 3-4 (w/parent) Class offers a fun introduction to ballet basics and Mom (or Dad) participates as well. 1 class/week.

PreBallet:  Ages 4-5 Class offers an introduction to ballet basics taught in a fun creative way. 1 class/week.

Ballet 1:  Ages 6-7 Class  introduces ballet technique, coordination and terminology. 1 class/week

Ballet 2/3:  Ages 8-10 Class offers more of the ballet syllabus while focusing on building strength and flexibility. 2 classes /week

Ballet 4/5 (off pointe):  Ages 9+ Dance skills are focused upon further and pre-pointe strengthening is introduced. 2 classes/week

Ballet 5/6 (on pointe):  Ages 11+ Ballet 5 offers an introduction to pointe work for dancers after obtaining permission from the director to advance to pointe work. Ballet 6 offers proficiency in strength, flexibility and pointe work for the dancer. 3 classes per week are REQUIRED for pointe work. 3-4 classes/week

Adult/Teen Beginning Ballet:  Ages 13+ Ever wish you had taken ballet as a child? Its never too late to start!  Learn ballet basics with other adults/teens. 1 class /week

Pre/Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Jazz:  Ages 6+ Fun upbeat dance class for the beginning, intermediate or advanced level jazz dancer.   1 class/week

Pre/Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Hip Hop:  Ages 6+ Learn Hip Hop from the basics to advanced moves in a energetic atmosphere.   1 class/week

Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Modern:  Ages 8+ Express yourself with Modern dance from the basics through advanced moves.   1 class/week

PreTap/Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced/Adult Tap:  Ages 4+ Tap dancers are dancers and musicians! Tap your way through the basic steps to advanced moves.   1 class/week

Private Lessons: By Request.  Private lessons must be scheduled through the Studio Director.

Performance Classes:  Are offered when in preparation for upcoming performances, or guest performances.  Dancers must have instructors permission to participate.


Studio Dress Code:

Ballet class: Girls- Pink tights, black or pink leotard, pink ballet shoes. Hair must be placed in a bun. Boys- Black tights, white t-shirt, black ballet shoes.

Jazz class: Black jazz pants, t- shirt or leotard, black jazz shoes.

Hip Hop: Pants, t-shirt, clean tennis shoes or dance sneakers.

Contemporary: Leotard, nude tights, bare feet, or dance paws.

Tap: Leotard, tights and skirt, or pants with ankles viewable and a t-shirt, tap shoes

Tumbling: Leotard, tight stretch shorts, bare feet. No loose clothing. Hair pulled back into a ponytail or braids/bun if long enough to touch the floor while tumbling.

Studio Policies


Observing Classes:

Students will learn more when there are less distractions, therefore while we do allow classes to be observed, we ask that you please do your best to keep distractions and noise level to a minimum.  If there is an issue, too many distractions, or high noise level, we do reserve the right to ask you to please not stay to observe class.

Class Attendance:

Each student is required to maintain regular attendance, as each student is important to the entire class. Please notify the studio if your child will be absent. There are no refunds for missed classes; however, missed classes can be made up.

Please arrive on time or a few minutes early! Dancers must be warmed up properly to dance safely.  Any dancer arriving more than 15 minutes late may have to sit and watch rather than take class. This is not a punishment, but a safety issue as dancers may be injured if they take class without being warmed up. In addition, dancers without proper dance attire or appropriate hair may have to sit and watch. Again, not as a punishment, but a safety issue. Please see our “Studio Dress Code” page for information on proper attire for your dancer’s class.

Payment Policies:

A yearly registration fee of $20.00 is due each September. Each new student enrolled from then on, September through August 31st, is required to pay this registration fee. Renewal Registration fees, begin again the following September 1st (with Fall Session).

Our Tuition is based on a 9 week session. The September – June school year is divided into 4 Tuition Sessions, and Summer Session is in end of June- end of August. Tuition for each 9 week session is due two weeks prior to the Session beginning, or at the time of registration, and if not paid by the first date of the session, a late fee of $15.00 may be applied. We do offer a monthly payment plan option, with a $2.00/month fee.  If this option is requested, you will be asked to read and sign our Monthly Payment Plan Agreement. Monthly payments are for tuition only, costume fees must be paid upfront. Any late payments will void the agreement, and the balance will be due in full. Method of payments include Cash, Check (payable to Legacy Ballet), and Visa, Mastercard, Discover or Amex.

Once a dancer is registered for the school year, we consider them enrolled through the end of Session IV in June unless we are notified otherwise. To drop a class, we ask that you do please notify us in writing or by email as soon as possible so that we may update our records and allow another student to enroll in the class. Summer Session is considered a separate session; however if you are continuing from the Fall-Spring Sessions you do not owe a separate registration fee for summer.

Please remember,  if you decide to drop a class, and are still in the process of your monthly payment plan, or for some reason have a balance due, you are still responsible for the balance due for the remainder of the current session and any past balance not yet paid.  You will be billed for the balance due, with any late fees and/or interest until your account is paid in full.

If payment becomes an issue, we reserve the right to ask your dancer to not participate in class until payment is received.

Questions regarding our policies can be emailed to

Fall 2017 – Spring 2018 Classes


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Summer 2018 Classes


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Summer 2018 Class Schedule

Summer Dance Workshops


For those dancers that love to push themselves

to the next level over the summer,

we are offering “Unlimited Class Cards” for Summer 2018.


We have taken a new approach to our “Summer Dance Camps” each summer, by offering Unlimited Class Cards. Pick a week during our summer session to purchase an Unlimited Class Card for $75, and you can attend as many classes as you would like that week.  Once purchased, dancers will be given a card with class/level suggestions, to use as a punch card to be admitted into each class taken.  This way, dancers and families can pick the week THEY want to dance the most, have some fun and hopefully do it again!  Call 541-791-9078 or email for more information, or look in our Online store at






Other Services


Legacy Ballet offers additional services beyond our regular class schedule.


Private Lessons can be beneficial to those dancers who wish to focus on a particular technique that they are trying to achieve, or work on choreography for a competition.  Please inquire if you are interested in private lessons and we can discuss rates, schedule, etc.


Birthday Parties!  2 Hours of fun with your friends! Dancing, games, arts and crafts and we do all the clean up.  Refreshments provided by hosting family, we provide the rest!

$75.00 2 hour studio rental, plus $5.00 per child.

Princess Party